An attractive, functional outdoor living space can be the perfect retreat for relaxing after work, regrouping with family, or entertaining friends.  There's no need to drive to the lake or the cabin up north.  Just take a few steps out your backdoor and vacation in your own backyard.  Get in more family time with an inground pool, enjoy a barbeque with friends on the patio, or just get away from it all in the warm, soothing waters of your very own spa.

We can provide all the products and services necessary to create your own personal resort.

We have carefully researched every product we represent and we are proud to offer you:

Inground Pools

Each of our inground pools is uniquely designed and built to exceed your needs and expectations.

We are a Fort Wayne Inground Pool dealer.  Our pools consist of steel walls with vinyl liners.  Most importantly, all the structural components of our pools are manufactured by Fort Wayne Pools, Inc.  We do not believe in the common practice of piecing together your pool with walls from one company, stairs from another, and the liner from yet another.  Fort Wayne knows pools and has been manufacturing them for over 30 years.

Innovation is always a priority at KD Poolscapes.  This enables us to utilize products to that make a poolscape uniquely yours.  We feature advancements in leading technology, such as edge-light fiber optic lighting for pool coping, Aqualinks automated pool controls, and the advanced designed hydraulics of Hayward and Sta-Rite systems.  We continually seek out new trends in the industry to provide our customers with the most convenient and dependable poolscape operation.  You will be able to enjoy the beauty of a new outdoor living space with the least amount of effort.

Because there's more to an inground pool than just water, we include the following turn-key services with installations of our inground pools.  This allows us to offer what we call the "One Contractor, One Price" method of poolscaping your yard!


From low voltage lighting to fiber optic lighting.

With low voltage lighting, nightfall can bring a landscape to life.  A garden path bathed in a soft, warm light invites a nighttime stroll.  Low voltage lighting also can create ambience of dramatic beauty by highlighting plants, trees, and shrubs.  An innovative lighting plan brings family and friends together to enjoy the pleasure of a deck, patio, or pool long after the sun sets.

We also offer fiber optic lighting.  This unique lighting system offers an unlimited array of dazzling effects.  This product is a definite must-see before making a decision on whether or not to include it with your pool installation.  We also have found innovative uses for the product in decks and patios and continually seek new ways to incorporate the brilliant and exciting colors only offered with this type of lighting.


When your existing pool needs a facelift.

KD Poolscapes offers complete renovation services for your pool.  We can handle the entire process:  vinyl liner replacements, complete plumbing, decking, coping, lighting, fencing, landscape removal, and replacements.  We have experience in concrete, vinyl liner, fiberglass, and gunite pool renovations. If you’re looking for ideas, costs, alternatives, and choices - call us!


Emerald Spas - a cut above the rest, and including the elegant Cygnus series.  From ergonomics to filtration, Emerald Spas are setting standards in the industry.

There's no better place to escape to than an Emerald Spa.  Shed the cares of the day and wash away your worries.  An Emerald Spa also provides therapeutic hydrotherapy through a scientific blend of water and air streams that massage and invigorate your body with strong, steady water pressure and rigorous bubbling.

Need proof?  We invite you to sit in an Emerald Spa in our showroom. Even without water, you'll find Emerald spas relaxing and comfortable. We can also arrange for private wet tests in our showroom.  Just call for an appointment.  

Why Choose an Emerald Spa?

After extensive research, we've found Emerald Spas to be synonymous with quality, leading the way in design, engineering, and performance and setting standards that others are still trying to follow.

Emerald Spas' features include:

  • Patented Space Saver IITM Filtration System
  • High Performance Jet Select
  • In-Line Plumbing and Variable-Pressure Jetting
  • Freeze Protection and Automatic Shut-Off
  • ICI Acrylic with Acrybond TM system
  • Ergonomically Designed
  • Solid State Circuitry
  • Redwood Cabinetry
  • Full Insulation
  • DS & SS Spa Power Systems

Let us demonstrate these features to you and show you how an Emerald Spa can be an investment in a new lifestyle.  There are many sizes and colors available, and with Emerald's Base, Classic, Elite, and Cygnus series spas, we have a spa for just about every budget.  Call us for a free brochure or better yet, visit us or showroom by appointment.

Not Sure Where To Put Your Spa?

We can provide all the amenities to build an environment for your spa that reflects your personal taste, the architecture of your home, and addresses your budget.  We also offer a full line of Northwest Cedar Gazebos that enhance the enjoyment of your spa and add charm to your backyard.

Spa Models

Cygnus 7009
Cygnus 5009
Cygnus 3009
Cygnus 2009

Emerald 1409 SE
Emerald 1009 SE
Emerald 899
Emerald 799
Emerald 699

Emerald 599
Emerald 595
Emerald 509
Emerald 499
Emerald 199

Spa Colors



Summer Sapphire

Tropic Topaz


Mystic Emerald

Midnight Garnet





Caribbean Blue



Laguna Green

Seaspray Green


Additional Services

  • Pool Service & Repairs
  • Liner Replacements
  • Pool Openings & Closings
  • Pool Chemicals
  • Water Balancing Services
  • Automatic Pool Covers
  • Pool Renovations
  • Pool Maintenance